Two fisted?

The Winter Lager is in the bread I baked this afternoon.

The Black Lager is in the bottle I sipped as I ate the bread.

Does this make me a two fisted drinker?

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Marc A. Pitman

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4 thoughts on “Two fisted?”

  1. You had me at Starbucks….

    but Sam Adams too?

    I have tried to find a Maine brewed beer that even comes close to the Boston Lager…I’m still looking. Not that I mind the task.

  2. not a maine beer but i do enjoy fisherman’s brew – brewed here in gloucester. have you tried it?

    i’ll bring some up for you if you haven’t.

  3. Lisa, you’re offering free beer. Why in the world would I say I HAD tried it (if I had)!? =)

    But I haven’t. And I’d love to take you up on the offer!

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