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Brewing a New Porter: Naming Help Needed

April 11th, 2009 by Marc A. Pitman

I had a “little” help starting my next brew today. :)

The base was Northern Brewer’s Peace Coffee Stout Porter. But reading Dogfish Head founder Sam Caligione’s Brewing Up a Business inspired me to experiment. (I actually experimented on my very first beer, Bombadil Stout.)

In reading a bunch of porter recipes this morning, I noticed many used molasses. So…I poured in molasses to this one!

Given that it is a coffee porter, perhaps I should get this mug. :)

But once again, I need your help in coming up with a name. Ever since college, I’d dreamed about brewing a “Pastor’s Porter.” But now that that pastoring is in limbo, I’m thinking of more creative names like “PSP: Pint Sized Porter” (given the pint sized help I got today!).

How about you? What creative names can you come up with for a porter with coffee and molasses?

If you’re not familiar with porters…you’re missing out! But you can read about them here at Wikipedia’s porter page. They have a cool history.

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17 responses about “Brewing a New Porter: Naming Help Needed”

  1. Dave said:

    shes cutie.. name the porter after her or after the coffee.. columbian porter?

  2. Marc A. Pitman said:

    Thanks, Dave!

    So, would that be “Cole Porter” for short? :)

    Atlantic Brewing has a great “Coal Porter”!

  3. Richard DeVeau said:

    You’re so fortunate to have such cute help!

    Given the commonly understood “speed” characteristics of your beer’s two special ingredients, how about “Expresslow Porter”?

  4. Rob said:

    What would you name something the has 1 thing that is notorious for “speeding you up” and another that is notorious for being “slow”. Perhaps. Tortoise and Hare Porter?

  5. Marc A. Pitman said:

    I sense a theme developing! :)

  6. Amy Cates said:

    (Tongue firmly in cheek)You could try: “Peeps Porter”, “Porter Personified”, “Porter, Perhaps”, “Pretentious Porter”, “Peppy Porter”…. ;0)

  7. Janice said:

    “Mo Port”

  8. Amy Cates said:

    Got some more: “Perspicacious Porter”, “Perspectivist Porter”, “Porter With Perspective”,’Peptalking Porter”,… this is kinda fun!

  9. Marc A. Pitman said:

    These are great suggestions. Do you know anyone else that might have fun with this?

  10. Larry Hehn said:

    Mo-Joe Porter

    Run for the Porter

    Brew Brew

    Perky Porter

    Java Jireh

  11. Marc A. Pitman said:

    Larry those are awesome!!

  12. Rob said:

    Cafe Porter

    Take it Black Porter

    ‘Not so’ Yawny Port-er

  13. Angelia said:

    Pitman’s Punch

  14. Janice said:

    What did you call it?

  15. Elz said:

    In my college days (daze?) would’ve appreciated a “Morning Porter”… (TMI?)

    Ok, then, how’s about:
    Pittman’s Potent Porter

  16. Marc A. Pitman said:

    I’ve gotta choose one of these! I’m bottling it tonight!

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