Brewing a New Porter: Naming Help Needed

I had a “little” help starting my next brew today. :)

The base was Northern Brewer’s Peace Coffee Stout Porter. But reading Dogfish Head founder Sam Caligione’s Brewing Up a Business inspired me to experiment. (I actually experimented on my very first beer, Bombadil Stout.)

In reading a bunch of porter recipes this morning, I noticed many used molasses. So…I poured in molasses to this one!

Given that it is a coffee porter, perhaps I should get this mug. :)

But once again, I need your help in coming up with a name. Ever since college, I’d dreamed about brewing a “Pastor’s Porter.” But now that that pastoring is in limbo, I’m thinking of more creative names like “PSP: Pint Sized Porter” (given the pint sized help I got today!).

How about you? What creative names can you come up with for a porter with coffee and molasses?

If you’re not familiar with porters…you’re missing out! But you can read about them here at Wikipedia’s porter page. They have a cool history.

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17 thoughts on “Brewing a New Porter: Naming Help Needed”

  1. You’re so fortunate to have such cute help!

    Given the commonly understood “speed” characteristics of your beer’s two special ingredients, how about “Expresslow Porter”?

  2. What would you name something the has 1 thing that is notorious for “speeding you up” and another that is notorious for being “slow”. Perhaps. Tortoise and Hare Porter?

  3. (Tongue firmly in cheek)You could try: “Peeps Porter”, “Porter Personified”, “Porter, Perhaps”, “Pretentious Porter”, “Peppy Porter”…. ;0)

  4. Got some more: “Perspicacious Porter”, “Perspectivist Porter”, “Porter With Perspective”,’Peptalking Porter”,… this is kinda fun!

  5. In my college days (daze?) would’ve appreciated a “Morning Porter”… (TMI?)

    Ok, then, how’s about:
    Pittman’s Potent Porter

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