No more excuses!

I’ve been wanting to do this for over a decade. Now I have no excuse. For Christmas, my amazing wife bought me Homebrewing for Dummies and The Homebrewers’ Recipe Guide.

Better still, she corralled my family to give me money for my birthday (on January 6th) so I could purchase the equipment!

Java Stout, here I come!

If you have any advice to a newbie like me, feel free to comment below.

Beer meets Ben & Jerry’s?!

Em found this but said I could have blogging rights.

After all these years, one of my favorite ice cream makers meets up with one of my favorite beer drinks.

Isn’t that a beautiful pint?

Even the cow is into it!

“Cream Stout Ice Cream Swirled with Chocolate Ice Cream”

I’ll let you know how it is once I’ve tried it. I’m about to put in a new Isreali movie called Ushpizin. Hebrew with English subtitles. Nothing like a laid back evening in Waterville with a black and tan and a movie starring Orthodox Jews celebrating Succot.

Hhmm…maybe I oughta lighten up…

Ice cream update: It’s good. A bit scary when I realized I’d almost polished off the pint. That’s like 1000 calories!! I left a couple spoonfuls in there for tomorrow.