Tax Day

Nationally recognized, man-made events like “tax day” can be great times to review your goals.

I’m sure you’re reviewing your MagnetGoals but have you reviewed list of 100? I just did and was shocked by how many I’d made progress on.

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Happy Tax Day!

How many times have you practiced your routine?

Whether you’re in sales, speaking, or even parenting, you know that appropriate practice leads you closer to perfection. Well, at least with sales and speaking. *grin*

Watching the Olympics over the weekend, I heard a lot of commentary about the judges changing scoring that led Blaine Wilson and Jason Gatson to change their routine a mere 48 hours before their Olympic performance. (You can read about it at: MSNBC – Confusion Contributes to Gymnast’s Fall.)

I was shocked to learn that these athletes practice the same routine for an entire year to be prepared for the few minutes of Olympic competition. An entire year!

What would your sales or speaking look like if you devoted an entire year–6-8 hours per day–practicing the same routine? What if you devoted simply an hour a day to improving your core speach or sales presentation? Or your parenting?

I know I get bored easily and am always moving on to the next thing. But hearing about the training the Olympic athletes do has inspired me to reconsider.

Will you join me in identifying a routine you’re currently doing and sticking with it for a year? Let me know! My email is:

Rob Bell’s June 13th “God is too Big for Your Bucket”

I just listened to Rob Bell’s 14th message in his “Mastering the Art of Living” called “God is too Big for your Bucket”. If you haven’t heard his teaching on life and Scripture, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

He looks at stories in Luke 9:49-50 and Numbers 11:24-29. Both places the prophets’ disciples get bent out of shape that people outside of their clique are moving in God’s power.

Isn’t that just like us? We think we’ve got God figured out and we start defending our formula–trying to manage Him. But God irritatingly keeps on pouring His Spirit out according to His rules, not ours!

Jesus and Moses both have the lenses of “Father, where are you moving? Where are you breaking in?” They don’t get bent out of shape when the Father moves in ways they didn’t necessarily expect. Instead, they rejoice that the Kingdom is expanding.

May we all respond like that.

[Free aside: check out all of Luke 11 and notice all of the parallels with Jesus’ ministry and Moses’. Jesus splits up the crowd into groups like Moses did after he took Jethro’s advice. Jesus goes up a mount, speaks with God, and radiantly glows…just like Moses. (In fact, Moses was there with Him!) Then he has an almost identical story of his followers trying to stop the Spirit’s movement outside of whatever they think the lines are. Do you see what Luke is doing? He’s showing that Jesus is not only like Moses, but superior to him. He’s the new Moses, the one Moses himself prophesied about in Deuteronomy 18:15: “The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own brothers. You must listen to him.”]

List of 100 things you love

While listening to an edition of HeadTrip Audio, Lyn Christian interviewed fellow Legacy Learning coach Wade Lindstrom. He shared a tool he uses with clients to help them reconnect to the joy in their life. He has them write out 100 things they love doing.

He says we usually have a list of 10 in our short-term memory. But we often have to dig and look into our past to get to 100. His clients find incredible freedom and get in touch with things that are incredibly meaningful to them but that have gotten lost over time.

I’m in the middle of doing this exercise. It’s pretty incredible. I’m still amazed out how powerful simple tasks can be.

Give it a try and let me know about your experience:

Magnet Goals work!

Have you checked out my Magnet Goals Program yet?

This simple process really works! I keep my Magnet Goals in front of me all the time but I decided to review my 100 goals last night. So many of them are coming to pass! What a rush it is to see things you wrote down six months ago are actually being accomplished!

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Happy goal setting…and accomplishing!