It’s all about the language

Have I mentioned how much I love Starbucks?

One of the coolest things is the “coffee language” they’ve almost single-handedly created. Frappucino; Venti; Doppio; etc.

If you control the language, you control how the story is told.

Wouldn’t it be great if your organization or church were able to create language that described life so well it caught on nationally?

Why don’t you?

Feel free to post your ideas as comments!

Church of the Customer

One key to personal productivity is being around people that don’t think like you. Thanks to the web, this ability is almost limitless!

If you haven’t checked out the Church of the Customer blog, you’re missing out. Ben and Jackie share creative and terrific thoughts on marketing and “evangelism.”

Another great blog that I’m constantly reading is Seth Godin’s. There are some incredible thoughts going under that hairless scalp! Fortunately he gifts them to us via his blog.

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