This is the pastor?!

This is the pastor?!

This picture was taken on the first Sunday at Advent.

Yep, I actually wore the air respirator during the Advent sermons.

To hear why, go to the sermons page at

Or just listen here:

12/9/2007 Advent 1: The Matrix

12/16/2007 Snow Day: No Sermon

12/23/2007 Advent 2: Hope!

12/30/2007 Advent 3: Life in the Kingdom

What Did You GIVE This Christmas? Week 4

It’s hard to believe the four weeks of Advent are coming to a close!

This week we’re collecting Paper Products: paper towels and all things paper.

You’ll probably never know how much this impacts the homeless shelter. I’m loving how it’s shaping my Christmas preparation too! I like getting, but there’s something really powerful about giving.

I’m so glad we have cool people like think of initiatives like this (and organize it without me!)! ๐Ÿ™‚

It works!

FirefighterIt’s working! I passed these out to during Sunday’s sermon as a reminder that followers of Jesus are on a rescue mission. Our everyday life is lived as Kingdom of God people behind Enemy lines.

Today I was deep in the midst of some work when my eyes glanced at this on my desk. Immediately I found myself dialing down, more in tune with what God might be doing in the here-and-now at Inland.

I’m humbled by how easily a dollar store purchase can lead me deeper into relationship with God. Pretty cool!

What Did You GIVE This Christmas? Week 3

What fun we’re having with the “What did you GIVE this Christmas?”!

This week we’re collecting detergents: laundry, fabric softener, and the like.

Like last week, when you’re picking up stuff for your laundry, why not pick up an extra for the shelter?

What Did You GIVE This Christmas? Week 2

Thanks for what you brought yesterday! We’re off to a great start!

This week, please collect Hygiene Products for next Sunday!

Soaps, shampoos, the like. When you go shopping this week, why not pick up a spare one for the shelter?

What Did You GIVE This Christmas?

Some of the folks in our church are so cool. They decided rather than asking “What did you get this Christmas?” they wanted to ask What did you give this Christmas?.

Isn’t that great?

So for the last few weeks they’ve been having Knit and Movie nights where they knit scarves, hats, and blankets for our local homeless shelter.

So they’ve decided to have themes for each week of Advent. So on:

  • 12/2 bring Baby Products: diapers, wipes, baby powder
  • 12/9 bring Hygiene Products: soaps, deodorants, shampoos
  • 12/16 bring Detergents: laundry, fabric softener, and the like
  • 12/23 bring Paper Products: paper towels and all things paper.

The homeless shelter never knows who’ll be there and these are things they always need.

So, if you call the Vineyard Church of Waterville home, please come this Sunday with baby things!

And even if you don’t call VCW home, you can bring it anyway!