Can you help me name this brew?

I’m getting ready to bottle my third brew.

#1 was Bombadil, a nice java stout. Tom Bombadil was a great magical character in Lord of the Rings that didn’t really need to be there but certainly makes the books richer.

#2 was Advent Ale, an sort of spiced ale. Advent is a significant time of the year for me.

#3 is a nut brown ale. But I’m really not wanting to just call it “nut brown ale.” B-o-r-i-n-g.

So would you help? There may be something in it for the winning contribution!

Adding to the brew supplies

megapotThe kids “bought” me a Nut Brown Ale kit from for Christmas.

Today I used some gift money to get this very cool brew kettle from Northern Brewer, a wort chiller, a special burner, and some yeast.

The start of my next batch is only a week or two away. And now I’ll have even better equipment!

Merry Christmas to me!

Racking Day

It’s all bottled! 47 wonderful brown bottles of Bombadil.

Yep, I’m naming my first brew in honor of Tom Bombadil. In our world of practicality and order, Bombadil doesn’t seem to fit. And is often left out of most adaptations of the Lord of the Rings.

Evil seems to have no hold on him. Not even a little pull. (Even Gandalf feared the Ring.) But if it weren’t for him, the Fellowship would’ve finished before it even began. And if it weren’t for his gift of daggers, Merry might not have been able to wound the Witch King, allowing him to be destroyed.

So “Bombadil” is the name. His colors of blue and yellow are a serendipitous fit with my love of Sweden!

I’ll be able to uncap a bottle in a couple of weeks!

[Click on the picture at the top for a slideshow of the entire homebrew adventure to date.]