Bock of Ages

My latest brew, the bock, is bottled. I can’t wait to taste it…but I’ll have to. It’ll be another four more weeks. *sigh*

In the interest of full disclosure, I did enjoy an early taste. Not all the bock made it in the bottle…
The bock that didn't get bottled on TwitPic

According to Wikipedia:

Bocks have a long history of being brewed and consumed by Roman Catholic monks in Germany. During the Spring religious season of Lent, monks were required to fast. High-gravity Bock beers are higher in food energy and nutrients than lighter lagers, thus providing sustenance during this period. Similar high-gravity Lenten beers of various styles were brewed by Monks in other lands as well. It was rumored that Martin Luther drank this beer during the Diet of Worms.

I had some incredible name ideas on my blog post Help name my Bock. These included:

  • John Lawlor
    Bock and Roll :}

  • Rob Hatch
    Taking cue from your new book, to name your new “Bock”. I offer this: “Cask Without Fear”.

  • Larry Hehn
    In honor of the classic Bill Cosby routine, we could call it “Bock Bock Number One

    If you make it again you could call it “Re-Bock

    For the Star Trek fans we could call it “Misters Bock

    Bock of Ages

  • Malia Taylor
    Bock Off: Straight from the Pit(man) of Hell”

    Would Luther have laughed or been offended? You decide.

  • Jenn Phillips
    How about BockFlip? Think of the tie-ins!

  • Janice Murray
    How about Bock-Mor

  • Scott Maentz
    Holy Water

    Bock of Ages

    I Knead a Bock

    Bock Off!

    Butt Head Bock

    Bock Me Up

    Baby Got Bock

  • James Sack
    For a self-deprecating look, how about ‘Maine de Bock el’?

  • Rich Gouette
    considering the Germanic geographical reference:

    The Worminator

  • Cara Armstrong
    Right Bock atcha

    bock,bock, bock bock Bock (as in the Cadbury Bunny Style)

    in the style of a Dire Straits tune from the 80’s “Bock of Life” (walk of life)

    Mock’s Bock

    Bock Bock Goose

I’ve laughed out loud a number of times looking over this. Thanks for the chuckles.

As you can see by the image above, I’ve chosen “Bock of Ages.” I hope St. Martin would approve. (I think he would. And I’d be interested in learning about this Diet of Worms… *grin*)