VCW Men’s Small Group

This will be the movie for the men’s small group. We’ll start at 7 p.m. sharp at our house.

POST KINSHIP UPDATE: I’m having a blast with this kinship format. We are having wonderful conversations about meaningful topics.

After Spiderman 3, we talked about things like:

  • marriage (when are you ready),
  • male-female communications (Peter is painfully stupid in this regard…but I be we are too!),
  • revenge, forgiveness (and how good revenge can feel but then it takes over and owns you), and more.

After Amistad, we talked about:

  • story (you aren’t where you’re from, so who are you?),
  • the perceptions of Christian action (how good it can be and how goofy), the way we tend to mark out territory (the Africans united on the ship, divided by tribe in prison),
  • self-promotion and humility in the life of a Christian, and more

There are even a couple scenes where Christians are trying to help but we get to see how that looks to the tribal people from Africa. Very insightful on how things that are normal to us may appear to others.