“I understand”

If I hear the words “I understand” one more time I think I’ll scream.

I’ve been on the phone with credit card companies and service providers trying to straighten out various billing things.

Take last night, for example. My card started being rejected. So I called and got someone in Bangalore that kept saying “I understand and you can use your card.”

He wouldn’t even let me ask my question…how in the world could he “understand”?!

It seemed he wasn’t able to speak without first saying the words “I understand.”

Apparently there was a pre-emptive security thing that stopped three transactions to protect me. “It’s fine now.”

Yeah, great. But there are still three transactions that were declined; one from a local store. We’d bought some vitamins, paid for them, and left. The next day I find out the credit card company decided this looked irregular.

“I understand but it’s fine now.”

No it’s not! There’s a local family store that didn’t get the money they were entitled to from the credit card company!!!

I wish I’d recorded it so I could’ve put it on YouTube or something. It would’ve been comical if it weren’t so frustrating.

Well, today I sent DirecTV an email to find out what my 2 protection/service added monthly charges were.

Guess what. The person replying wrote, “I understand” in the first couple lines!!


Who writes these call center scripts anyway?

And who thought it was a good idea to make people stick to them instead of talking like humans?