Family Life

Last night, our three year old Sof was being an incredible pest to me at dinner. She wouldn’t stop touching me!

Then I realized she was just trying to be funny! So we started having a poking fight at the table.

Em, seizing on this teachable moment, started comparing Sof’s interaction with me to her being a pest to Cale all day. “See, she just wants your attention. She likes you.”

Swelling with pride at how great we were at parenting–both playing at the table and helping increase filial harmony–I chimed in, “That’s it. She just doesn’t know how to express it appropriately all the time.”

A slightly amused but more indignant Cale blurted out, “By hitting me in my groin?!”

The teachable moment came to a screeching halt.

And he’s got a point. That’s just not right.

I chose not to tell him he even has biblical justification for his point.

Next time I might bring a bag of frozen peas to the table. Just in case.