Getting behind Inland

Gotta love it when your mayor says things like this in support of your nonprofit.

Here’s a taste of the comments quoted in the newspaper:

“It means we put all our eggs into Inland,” he said. “As the mayor, I will fight like hell to make Inland a strong community hospital for Waterville.”

And he is.

It’s hard to be really excited. The other hospital is the leading employer in our community. This is just like another mill closing–not a pleasant thing in this former mill town.

But it is nice to have advocates as enthusiastic and generous as he is!

Boot Camp for New Dads

Boot Camp for New Dad's
I’m excited about a new program I’m facilitating for Inland Hospital’s Birthing Center and Silvermount Women’s Healthcare. Here’s an announcement:

Boot Camp For New Dads, a program for first-time and new fathers, is being offered at Inland beginning in February.

The class is a one time 3 hour Saturday morning workshop covering not only baby care and fatherhood but also the needs of new mothers. Activities will include hands-on opportunities for prospective dads to practice baby care skills under the guidance of veteran dads who bring their new babies to class and an interactive session featuring the best advice veteran dads can offer the rookies.

2008 Boot Camp for New Dads workshops will be held on February 9, June 21, and October 25 in the Ford Grant Conference Room and is facilitated by Inland Foundation Director and veteran dad, Marc Pitman.

The workshops, offered free of charge for fathers-to-be and new fathers in the Waterville area, is sponsored by Silvermount Women’s Health Care and the Birthing Center at Inland Hospital. Pre-registration is required.

For more information about Boot Camp for New Dads please call 861-3392 or visit

If you know anyone that’s going to have a baby in the next 2-3 months, encourage them to attend. This is going to be a great time!

And if you know any guys who’ve had babies (or whose wives have had babies!!!) in the last 2-3 months, let me know. They might be able to be some of the veteran dads!


Here’s a cheery thought from a somewhat scary article on WebMD:

The average desk area in an office has 400 timesmore bacteria on it than the average toilet seat, which means your workplace is a fine place for cold and flu germs to congregate. People sneeze, talk, eat and breathe all over their desks and their neighbor’s desk all day long, and cleaning at work is usually the last thing on someone’s mind. When Jim from the next cube over lets out a whopping sneeze, the flu has just flown the coop, making a nice nest on your computer keyboard. The good news, after two days of being sanitized with disinfectant wipes, most desks have about a 99.9% reduction in bacteria and virus levels, including those that cause the cold and flu. By practicing good cleaning habits in your work space you are less apt to come down with the cold or flu.