Wait! That’s in the 1900’s!

Just finishing watching Meet the Robinsons.

When the new family drives off in a 1970’s car. And my 8 year old son shouts, “HEY! That must’ve been in the 1900’s!!! They’re not wearing seatbelts!!!”

I grimace and smile. Em cracks up.

Then he says, “No really. That must’ve been back when you guys were growing up.” (As in way back in the 1900’s.)

I’m not making this up!

Bad parents

Cale just walked in. Or “sleep-walked” in.

He mumbled something. And Em asked, “Cale, are you awake?”

As he was mumbling, “Yeah, I’m kinda awake,” he stretched his hands. When they came down, they smacked Em’s computer screen. It really hurt him, tears, etc.

And all we could do was laugh and laugh and laugh.