“That must be the Vineyard!”

We’re always looking for new (and even quirky) ways to show our community God’s love in practical ways.

Sam’s Club sells a box of 28 packets of this microwave popcorn for about $6.40. So a couple weeks ago I bought 10 boxes! And this week, I got my outreach card order from OvernightPrints.com. So last night, I attached the cards to 140 packets (5 boxes).

Now a local party store has a box to give away, the library has a box to give away, and the local homeless shelter has a couple boxes.

At the shelter, I asked if the popcorn would be a blessing. They immediately said “Yes!” As I passed it to them, I explained that we believe lots of people have heard of God’s love but very few have actually seen it in practical ways.

Before I could even finish that brief explanation, a woman I’d never seen before blurted out, “You must be the Vineyard!”

Wow. I was about 6 inches off the ground when I walked out.

Everybody’s going to have a rep. I’m glad serving people in practical ways is ours!!