July Meat Pie: Butcher Dan’s Tourtiere Meat Pie

July's meat pie!

This year I’ve committed to making a meat pie every month. So far I’ve made

This month, I went to Joseph’s Market, my local butcher and asked how to make a “toutiere” pie. You see, Waterville has a lot of Franco-Americans. Every time I’ve mentioned how my speaking tour in New Zealand inspired my goal to cook one meat pie a month, people would say, “Oh…tourtiere?”

I really thought tourtiere was something else. I’d remembered it being sweetish. So I’d say “No, like steak and cheese.”

So I was suprised when Dan said he’d make tourtiere with ground pork, onions, potatoes, and seasoning.

Maybe I have been making tourtiere all this time!

This was the first recipe I didn’t look up to find specific measurements. I used:

1 1/2 lbs ground pork
a couple onions
some boiled potatoes
some poultry seasoning

I set the potatoes to boiling (I like adding onion salt as they boil). Then I chopped the onions and started browning them in a big skillet with some olive oil. After a while, I added the pork and started adding seasoning. Dan said to keep adding the seasoning until you liked the taste, so I did. I added a lot of seasoning! I also added healthy doses of onion salt and garlic powder.

Once the potatoes were tender, I drained them and added about 3 potatoes to the skillet. Dan was adamant that the potatoes not be mashed. Tender so they are falling apart, but not mashed.

I put that whole mixture in a shell of the trusty store-brand pie crust I love and baked at 400 for about 35 minutes. (I always tinfoil the edges so that the edges don’t get burned or hard. The tin foil can be taken off in the last 5-10 minutes.)

This was super easy. And it tastes great with my home brewed red ale!

This was the first pie with ground pork that I really liked. The other pies with ground pork reminded me how much I love beef. But this one stood on its own.

For seasoning, I used McCormick’s “Perfect Pinch Original Chicken Seasoning.” Had I looked in the cupboard, I would’ve seen that my wife had purchased Bell’s Seasoning. McCormick’s would probably taste great on a roast chicken, but I think Bell’s would’ve made a better pie.

I’ve got 5 more meat pies to make. Do you have any favorite meat pie recipes?

May Meat Pie: Easy Peasy Pie

This month’s meat pie was another of the Blokes Who Bake called Easy Peasy Pie.

And it was.

1 lb ground beef
1 lb ground pork
1 onion
1 cup mashed potato
1 cube chicken bullion
shredded cheddar cheese
pie crust pastry

This recipe called for the bottom crust to be baked at 350 F for about 10 minutes. Then I started cooking the onions in a skillet. Then threw in both meats. Once those looked done, I added the potato and crushed bullion cube.

All that went in the crust, top of crust went on, and the pie was baked for 25 minutes. Then came the cheddar cheese. YUM. Covered the pie all over with cheese and baked for another 10 minutes.

Very nice but next time I believe I’ll use all beef, not beef and pork.

Making mashed potatoes took more time than making the pie! So I decided to make some ginger nuts too. New Zealand recipes were well represented in our house today!

Ginger Nuts: A recipe from New Zealand

The meat pie was going so easily, I decided to make some ginger nuts too. I’d had some while in New Zealand last fall. Had to sort of gnaw on them.

These were very similar! 🙂

This Blokes Who Bake recipe required a lot of conversion from the metric system, so I was grateful for The Metric Kitchen.

Here’s how the recipe came out:

1/4 lb butter (1 stick)
1 1/4 C sugar
1 egg
1 T golden syrup
2 C flour (The recipe called for a bit more so I rounded the second cup)
1 tsp baking soda
4 tsp ginger

It was pretty easy. The butter and sugar get creamed with egg.

Not having “golden syrup,” I mix 2 teaspoons of light corn syrup and 1 teaspoon of molasses.

The rest get blended together. The dough is then rolled into balls and put on a cookie sheet.

They baked at 350F for 25 minutes.

Out of the oven they were nice and soft. And within minutes, they’d hardened to a hearty crunch. Very nice with one of my remaining Elf Warmer Christmas Ales!

April Meat Pie: Cornish Pasties

As I’ve been working on my goal of one meat pie a month, I’ve been getting to know the folks at our local butcher shop. Last month, I discovered one of them was from Great Britian. He was excited that I was making meat pies like he knew growing up. (Everyone else here thinks I’m making tourtière!)

He told me I had to make Cornish pasties!

Not only are they a comfort food for him, but they had a cool history. Apparently, miners needed a meal they could eat with their hands but were not sandwiches. And since they were so dirty and sooty, they had to be able to eat with only one hand. Thus, Cornish pasties were born. (For what it’s worth, he pronounced it “pah-stees”.)

These are exceedingly easy to make. I read as many recipes as I could from a simple Google search. (Alas, Blokes Who Bake didn’t have any recipes. Apparently Cornwall didn’t make it to the Kiwis.) But it was so simple, I created my own recipe.

1 lb ground pork
2 potatoes
1 onion

That was it.

I chopped the potatoes and onions and mixed them with the pork. My son put in some salt and pepper.

For the dough, I unrolled my trusty store bought pie crusts and cut 6 inch circles out of them. I was surprised to get 8! Spooned the filling in the circles, folded them over, sealed them, brushed with egg, cut a slit in the top, and popped them in the oven.

They baked at 425 for the first 10 minutes; then 350 for the remaining 35 minutes.

They were pretty yummy!

Baking with beer: more muffins and a loaf of bread

A couple weeks ago, I shared a recipe for making muffins with beer. These were so good, I decided to try again.
Stormy Seas Stout Muffins
This time I used my Stormy Seas Stout. The muffins were definitely darker than those made with the O’Darn Irish Red! But still tasty. And incredibly easy!

So, I decided to try out an almost too easy beer bread recipe that my friend Renee pointed to on the Farmgirl Fare blog.


Almost Too Easy Bread made with beer from Pitman BrewingThis bread is, as we say in Maine, “wicked” easy!

Here’s the loaf I made with my hoppy Fruit of Eden beer. This tasted amazingly good. Especially with a ham and cheese sandwich!!