God’s Pleasure

Steve Sjogren has a great post on the power of God’s pleasure.

This is exactly what we experienced this morning. We had so much fun we just kept hanging out, long after the crowds had rushed into Walmart.

This is the answer to the lie of the gosple of sin management I spoke of in my review of the Golden Compass.

Experiencing God’s pleasure will push all of our boundaries. PTL!

No Church Too Small

Just getting back from our third annual hot chocolate servant evangelism give away!

We get to Wal-mart around 4 a.m. and pass out 300 free hot chocolates in less than 1 hour.

Today, Izzie said, “This proves no church can say they’re too small to do servant evangelism!” Our church of less than 30 people has now officially reached 2311 people since January 1 with individual, practical demonstrations of God’s love.

The first year we did this, people were weirded out by us. Suspicious. Sort of, “Yeah, it’s ‘free.’ Right. What’s the catch?”

The second year, we were told, “We look forward to your hot chocolate every year!” We’d become a tradition in just one year!

This year, Paul noticed how nice people were. They were really open to receiving a free hot drink and kept asking who we were.

I just love being able to start people’s Christmas season with kindness before starting it with consumerism!

Pam brought her video camera this year so hopefully we’ll get to post a video of Janice, Izzie, Paul, Caren and me having a blast. It was icy in the parking lot so we pantomimed a faux-Icecapades.

Haven’t you heard of “Vineyard on Ice”? ๐Ÿ™‚

Daddy, it’s my reach!

We did the big switheroo after the service today. With 12-15 adults each Sunday, the 65+ seat sanctuary was feeling cavernous. Besides, most of us preferred to hang out in the multipurpose room that has the kitchen and the coffee. It’s all about the coffee! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We feel moving the kids to the brighter room will help upgrade their experience. And moving us to the cozier, smaller space will help upgrade ours. I’m pretty excited. It’s like God’s inviting us to do something that doesn’t seem to be being done in this area. (I may be wrong. I don’t get to check out other churches since I have a standing Sunday gig!)

In bringing the kids stuff into the brighter room that until-recently-was-the-sanctuary, we set up a handy little 4′ table I bought at Sam’s Club for Friday’s hot chocolate give away.

When I went out there a few minutes later, my four year old daughter was coloring at the table. “Look Daddy! It’s my reach!! I can’t wait to come here next Sunday!!”

I thought we had a good idea. Now I know we did.