Mo Joe Porter Tasting Notes

Pitman Brewing Mo Joe Porter   Pitman Brewing Mo Joe Porter shakes
It’s been a couple weeks since I bottled my new beer, a porter stout with coffee that I call “Mo Joe Porter.”

The coffee is so pronounced in this brew that I’m not sure if I should describe it as an ale with coffee, or a coffee with ale.

I realize now where I goofed. I boiled the coffee before adding it to the second fermentation.

Adding anything to the wort is risky, especially if it’s not sanitized. Not wanting to spoil 5 gallons of good beer, I chose to play it safe. But when you boil crushed coffee beans, you get…coffee!

So in effect, I added a small pot of coffee to the second fermentation. And boy does it make its presence known when you taste it!

I like it. Probably because I’m choosing to think of it as a spiked ice coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think I’ll focus on good old fashioned ales with my next few brews. Well, a red ale and then a stout. But no added spices or coffee!