A lesson in edamame

A lesson in edamame
Had a great time tonight at Barrels Market 1st Annual Dinner by the River.

All locally grown food, some even served by the people that grew it!

But I also had a lesson in edamame.

Look at the two plates above. I grabbed a pod from the blue plate and popped it in my mouth. [Lesson #1: you don’t eat the whole thing, just suck the soy beans out.]

Then, after I’d consumed the pod, I found out I’d picked it from the plate my friend Sarah was using to put her used pods on!

You bet, that was Lesson #2.

Christmas Karaoke with the Waterville Rotary

Today I got to sing with some Rollickin’ Rotarians outside of Walmart as we rang bells for the Salvation Army. (When my wife saw the photos, she called us the “Rotary Dingalings”! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

What a blast! People were very generous!

But one person wasn’t enjoying our singing:

And while Wally did help people get into their cars…we weren’t sure what else he was helping himself too…(Just kidding!)

If you missed the fun, and the opportunity to contribute, would you consider dropping some “change” into an online kettle for Waterville?

Starbucks work day

We were blessed to be the recipient of our local Starbuck’s first community service project!

They helped with heavy yard work in Vassalboro and rebuilding a roof in Norridgewock.

Here are a few of the pictures:

Action overcomes inertia

We passed out dozens more Peeps tonight.

“We ‘peeped’ the neighborhood.” ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a blast. Our kids were so excited to help. People were blessed.

But it almost didn’t happen. I almost cancelled it.

You see, I really didn’t feel like going to the church. I really didn’t feel like making the effort to reach out to our neighbors. I really didn’t even want to walk up to the first door.

I almost cancelled it. And I probably would’ve been thanked.

I’m so glad I didn’t.

Not caring about people is so much easier than reaching out. But showing God’s love in practical ways is so much more rewarding!

Peeps Outreach

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken.”

Last year, VCW families went up and down streets passing out Peeps.

This year, Easter’s early. So our Peeps outreach was done in the snow!

We were able to give out 120 trays of Peeps to area businesses and a college. It’s so much fun doing nice things for people! People were so excited to get them!

You learn new things as you do servant evangelism. For instance, today I learned that a “Mud Duck” was a Peep in hot chocolate. And a “Drunken Duck” is a Peep in spiked hot chocolate.

Apparently, Duck’s are fond of peppermint liqueur.

Republican Caucus

Today was the Republican Caucus in Maine.

I did it because I believe democracy is a privilege and I don’t want to take it for granted.

I wanted to avoid it because pastors that primarily define themselves in terms of their politics are people I generally try to avoid.

But today’s caucus was delightfully painless. Over 50 people turned out. That’s huge for Waterville. The caucus people remembered was four years ago with maybe 30 people attending. So more than 50 was wonderful.

And the entire thing was over in 45 minutes!

Ron Paul won with John McCain and Mitt Romney in a tie for second. (Guliani even got a vote! C’mon!!)

More importantly, Emily and I weren’t nominated for any positions! Yay!

I got all the joy of being civic-ly engaged, without any of the “buyers remorse” of being obligated to more volunteer positions.

A good time all around.