March Reading

March 2001
The Basque History of the World by Mark Kurlansky
I love Kurlansky’s ability to intertwine history, lore, and recipes–and make it all relevant! I love the Basque ability to adopt customs from others but still retain their own identity.

Managing by Values by Ken Blanchard & Michael O’Connor
Blanchard has a knack for making a point by telling a story. MBV lives up to that tradition.

Women Mystics in Medieval Europe
by Emilie Zum Brunn, Georgette Epiney-Burgard

This book’s a great introduction to mysticism and an inspiring reminder that women have always been innovators in all areas of life–whether the men of their age like it or not!

Ethics: Approaching Moral Decisions by Arthur F. Holmes
I’m plowing through the MA recommended reading list! This book is much better than Geisler’s (in January below)–especially in the section dealing with specific cases. Holmes wrote this in ’84 but his years of teaching undergrads at Wheaton must’ve helped him keep it simple and timeless. I recommend this quick read.

Critical Reasoning by J. B. Cederblom & David Paulsen
Another MA text book. Not as engaging as Babbie but definitely interesting. I love having my way of thinking challenged.

Inside the Magic Kingdom: Seven Keys to Disney’s Success
by Thomas K. Connellan

I’m fascinated by Disney’s way of doing business. This book is a joy to read! Written in story form, it is packed with insights that can affect how we approach alumni work.

The Practice of Social Research by Earl Babbie
This textbook will tell you all you ever wanted to know about the why and how of research and social science. It’s even engaging!

Quest for the Radical Middle: A History of the Vineyard by Bill Jackson
Did you know John Wimber started the Righteous Brothers? This is a great attempt to pull together the 20 year history of this movement in one place. If you can get your hands on a copy, read it for the comments on church, organizational structure, and leadership–not for the editing.

The Road to Redemption: Lessons from Exodus on Leadership and Community
by Burton L. Visotzky

Rabbi Visotzky teaches at JTS. This is a fun book! I love reading how the rabbis have read and wrestled with Scripture and Moses! Vistozky uses his own translation of the Hebrew and the rabbinic midrash to make interesting comments on leadership and community along the way.

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