November Reading

November 2001
The Reflective Executive: A Spirituality of Business and Enterprise by Emilie Griffin
This is a wonderful book! Griffin is pysched about the role the marketplace can have in transforming the world. A must read. If you can’t get it through, look for it on

Mossflower by Brian Jacques
This second book in
The Redwall Series is prequel to Redwall. It’s mercifully not as intense as Redwall but even more wonderful.

A Prayer Cover Over Your Life by Oral Roberts
A quick work about the importance of prayer and the reality of God’s Kingdom in day-to-day life. I could nit-pick about the details but it’s a good reminder.

Sex Begins in the Kitchen: Because Love Is an All-Day Affair by Kevin Leman
Who wouldn’t want to have a title like this on their bookshelf! Leyman’s book is virtually a reader’s digest form of his own work and half a dozen other classic marriage books. This book would be good both for the person who’s never read a marriage book and for the person that’s read a ton but just needs a maintenance check.

The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia by Peter Hopkirk
Hopkirk’s history of Central Asia in the nineteenth century is amazingly readable! His work reads like a cloak-and-dagger mystery. It’s particularly relevant in light of 9/11.

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