How many times have you practiced your routine?

Whether you’re in sales, speaking, or even parenting, you know that appropriate practice leads you closer to perfection. Well, at least with sales and speaking. *grin*

Watching the Olympics over the weekend, I heard a lot of commentary about the judges changing scoring that led Blaine Wilson and Jason Gatson to change their routine a mere 48 hours before their Olympic performance. (You can read about it at: MSNBC – Confusion Contributes to Gymnast’s Fall.)

I was shocked to learn that these athletes practice the same routine for an entire year to be prepared for the few minutes of Olympic competition. An entire year!

What would your sales or speaking look like if you devoted an entire year–6-8 hours per day–practicing the same routine? What if you devoted simply an hour a day to improving your core speach or sales presentation? Or your parenting?

I know I get bored easily and am always moving on to the next thing. But hearing about the training the Olympic athletes do has inspired me to reconsider.

Will you join me in identifying a routine you’re currently doing and sticking with it for a year? Let me know! My email is:

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