Whole Wheat

I just came out of a class on fiber here at Inland Hospital.

Part of the class focused on the benefit of eating whole grain foods, foods that include the entire bran, germ, and endosperm in the flour. (There’s a cool picture at the Whole Grains Council’s site.) Evidently back in the ’40s, Americans found more status in eating white bread than whole wheat. So we got used to wheat that is only the endosperm–basically nutritionless. That’s why so much of our processed food gets “fortified.” It’s an attempt to add nutrients back in.

The bummer is we never see the whole picture. Not only are our vitamins not quite as good as those found in nature, but we didn’t add things like phytonutrients.

Isn’t this amazing? It seems every time we try to recreate God’s creation, we diminish it. Just look at baby formula vs. breast milk.

I’m so glad God created the world and invited us to co-create with Him! I wouldn’t want to try to recreate it for him!!

I’m not entirely sure if this fits the subject of the blog but I thought I’d share it!

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