Two incredible coffees and a great conference

Last week at the Vineyard USA National Leaders’ Conference in Columbus, I happily stumbled across two incredible blends of Starbucks coffee: Komodo Dragon and Arabian Mocha Timor.

The Komodo Dragon has all the wonderfully spicy tastes of a great Indonesian. It practically reverberates across your taste buds like the clapper in a bell keeps making noise even after the bell stops moving.

The Arabian Mocha Timor has an incredible lively wine-like taste profile. It justs dances over your tongue!

Ah. I really, really like good coffee. *grin*

The conference was awesome. To hear free audio from the conference, go to this page on the Vineyard USA. Be sure to listen to the two sessions by Bert Waggoner. You’ll want to listen to them a few times.

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