The Story I Tell Every Week

Kingdom of God Napkin Sketch

As promised this is the story I tell in some form every week.

God created everything and it was very good.

Humans chose to disobey God. They sinned. In so doing, satan got the deed to creation. Sickness, disease, etc. came.

Everyone was expecting the cataclysmic end of it all. Judgement day. Armeggedon. A day when this present age radically ends and the Kingdom of God starts. The K of G is so radical, it’s shown on a totally different plane.

But God pulled an incredible coup. In Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, the Kingdom of God broke through into this present evil age! No one saw this coming!

Now we’re living “between the times.” The Kingdom of God is continuing to break through; this present evil age is continuing to exist too.

That’s the story of the Gospel. Heaven has broken through to our daily lives. We still experience the pain and isolation of the Fall but we also experience the joy and liberation of the Kingdom of God!

Isn’t this a great story?!

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