Mi crisis, su crisis?

Or better, su crisis mi crisis?

I’m having a sort of “bubble day.” Things are relatively peaceful. They weren’t like this yesterday and won’t be tomorrow. But they are today. My projects are in other people’s hands, I’m getting to work on Q2 projects, and I’m getting caught up on the paper. Very nice.

During this day, I’ve noticed that some people thrive on crisis. Some of the calls I’ve gotten today have sent my adrenal glands fits.

For no apparent reason. At least to me.

So here’s my lesson for the day: People can only steal my peace if I let them.

These people were nice, well meaning individuals. Some were even working on my projects. But I don’t have to panic.

It takes discipline to stay in the gift of a bubble day. I hope I make these muscles stronger!


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  1. Hatchew

    Not only is your peace your own, but your decision not to make their crisis yours will likely end with you spreading your peace to them.

    All the best,


  2. Marc Pitman

    Great point, Rob. I hadn’t even thought of that.

    Very cool!

  3. Wenje

    This reminds me of a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. Can’t recall specifics now…but essentially “people can only make you feel insignificant/insecure when you give them the power to do so”. There is some merit to that.

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