Honest, she really did

Here’s a picture of our one-year-old (as of yesterday) Sofia giving the baby sign for “more please.”

Tonight something incredible happened. She did the American Sign Language sign for “book.” (2 hands together, palms up, thumbs out.)

We’ve been getting to know a deaf woman and learning some signs. My other two kids love asking me to read history or Narnia books in sign language.

So we were floored when she did the sign for book. And she clearly wanted Mommy to read.

The funny thing is that Mommy had just said she was done reading out loud for the day! So Sofie was making a joke. (She’s actually quite funny. Really.)

So then she indicates with her hands that she wants me to read. When I asked if that’s what she meant, her face burst into an incredible smile. So I pulled down the Ancient History book I’m reading to the kids for homeschool. And Sofie immediately started crying. No joke.

She clearly wasn’t interested in hearing any more about ancient Greece tonight. I asked, “No history?” and she said, “Nahrn!”

She wanted me to read Narnia!

I know. This sounds like an overly proud parent playing games with his imagination. But four of us saw and heard this exchange. It really happened. Honest.

So I pulled down Voyage of the Dawn Treader and showed it to her. She burst into an even bigger smile than before and started giggling and laughing. She was so pleased she’d been able to communicate!

Honestly. This really happened. I’m still in shock.

Marc A. Pitman

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