Who are you going to vote for?

Starbucks is at it again. And I love it!

On May 6, people throughout New England will be able to vote for a blend that will be renamed for our region of the country.

The candidates are a light roast, a dark-smoky blend, and. the obvious front-runner (for my taste buds!), “citrus undertones.”

I’m really worried that some mamsy-pamsy light roast may be named for our region. So I’m lobbying for my candidate with this pin.

I figure the light roasts can stay at Dunkin Donuts.

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Anonymous

    Mamsy-pamsy? Maybe you should do a message on that. Dark roast’s do have a very robust flavor but the mild roast has more caffine. So maybe D&D is the place to wake up or to have a true addiction. And Star Bucks is good for an afternoon cupping. Either way they both now cost the same.$$$$$

  2. brucey

    fyi – just saw a display thingy about voting at the Beverly Starbucks. 🙂

  3. Rich

    Alas….I knew it was bound to happen…
    I feel a wedge being driven in…..
    And all over over-roasted coffee beans…

    ohh the pain…..
    ps. I particularly like th ecomment left by “Fin, 2006-03-17”

  4. Marc A. Pitman

    I’m sorry. I’m not sure you’re speaking English. Starbucks folks don’t have taste buds?

    I might have taken Fin more seriously if he could’ve at least spelled “Star Bucks” correctly. *grin*

  5. Anonymous


    love your blog

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