Discussing Da Vinci update

The first discussion at the Forum in downtown Waterville on “What can history really tell us?” is…history. *grin*

We had three people, one that said ‘hi.’ (He’s one of my biggest cheerleaders. A real blessing.) And two others that came a bit later. Great discussion. They enjoyed it so much they’re inviting their friends.

I’m glad this is a four week series!

I mentioned this series to some intercessors and got this response back from my friend Wendy Dow:

Three people may seem like a small #…but you don’t know who those people are going to impact…so it could be a HUGE #. 😉

She’s so right!

I’d like to see this type of thing take off. I feel there’s something fundamentally “right” about holding these types of discussions in non-church buildings. I could see doing things like Dwight Pryor’s “Behold The Man!” series on Jesus. (But 12 weeks may be too long…)

Interestingly, Wendy’s comments reminded me of a dream that woke me up yesterday. I was dreaming that the parking lot area near the Forum was totally flooded. (Locals call this area “the Concorse.”) Water was almost up to people’s hips. It was something to do with a water main breaking. (It was still sunny out, unlike the numerous overcast days we’ve been having.)

I remember people scurrying and emergency personnel doing their thing. And I remember being totally at peace.

When I woke, I wondered if the dream and the Discussing The Da Vinci Code were related.

I’d like to think they are.

Come Lord. Please flood this area with Your Presence.

[Note: the few dreams I have are largely symbolic. While floods can wreak tremendous devestation, in my dreams, they often speak of an overwhelming presence of God’s Spirit. They bring life and freedom, not the destruction we’ve seen in “real life.”]

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    glad the discussions got off to a good start!!

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