Curry oatmeal anyone?

Yesterday, Caleb was so good at doctoring his oatmeal all by himself. He found the ground cinammon and the sugar in separate cupboards and stirred them into his bowl.

As he ate, he said, “Wow, this is ‘spicey’.”

So, as a good father, I went into an explanation of how valuable spices were, the spice trade, Christopher Columbus and discovering the Americas, etc. I used the world map in our kitchen and everything.

This morning, Caleb pulled out the spices to have the same breakfast. He’d used “Ground Cummin”! No wonder it tasted “spicey”! I pulled out the ground cinammon and showed him the difference and used that instead.

He just couldn’t get over how much better his oatmeal tasted this morning. *grin*

Marc A. Pitman

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    hee –
    thanks for the story – i told it to everyone at lunch today 🙂

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