It finally happened…

Caleb's Staples

Well, it finally happened. Not only a trip to the Emergency Room but also a bloody accident just before church.

We successfully avoided the ER for almost 7 years! (Except for my marinara sauce mishap in February!) But yesterday, about an hour before church, Cale was running around with a fabric “basket” on his head. (Don’t ask. I’m beginning to think testosterone makes us guys dumb.) He overshot the bathroom and ended up tumbling down the stairs. The blood on the side of his head was impressive.

After applying immediate care, Cale looked up at me and said in a small voice, “Dad, would you pray for me?” That just made my heart melt.

Fortunately we live close to Inland Hospital. The ER was amazing and Caleb was incredibly brave. They gave him staples, yep staples. I guess stitches are out of vogue. Who knew?

Renting a movie after church, Cale was asked about the bandaid on his head. He told the employee and said, “It’ll heal in 10 days but I’ve gotten prayed for three times so it’ll probably really be 8 or 9 days.”

Don’t you just love it? *grin*

I figure we got a two-fer. We can check the seemingly obligatory personal-family-emergency-just-before-church thing and the bloody-boyhood-head-injury off the list.  Those are done so we don’t have to repeat them.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Marc A. Pitman

Marc A. Pitman helps leaders lead their teams with more effectiveness and less stress. The author of "Ask Without Fear!®," he is the founder of The Concord Leadership Group and He's also the executive director of and an Advisory Panel member of Rogare, a prestigious international fundraising think tank. He is the husband to his best friend and the father of three amazing kids. And if you drive by him on the road, he’ll be singing 80’s tunes loud enough to embarrass his family! You can connect with him on Google+, on Twitter @marcapitman, and like "Ask Without Fear!" on Facebook. To get his free ebook on 21 ways to get board members engaged with fundraising, go to

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  1. Rob

    Pictures like that just makes my stomach woozy.

    I do so love the words of children.

    We’ll be sure to pray for you during grace tonight Cale, and there’s five of us!

  2. Colleen

    Too cute! Staples are the new black, I hear.

  3. Marc

    Colleen, You crack me up!

  4. Marc

    Rob: Thank you!

  5. Jim Bleakley

    Oh Marc…I cannot wait for that!!! No injuries to report in Charlottesville, but our boy Joshua is only 6 weeks old and we’ve lots of years ahead!!!

  6. Marc

    He’s already 6 weeks old!! Congratulations!!

    How goes the c-planting life in c-ville?

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