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Last month, I did a quick post on M. Scott Peck’s Four Stages of Development.

Peck writes about these in his Further Along the Road Less Traveled, chapter 7 I believe.
He says he stumbled on these because of his counseling practice. People with really defined spirituality would leave counseling with no faith at all. But people with no faith at all would come out of weeks of counseling with a vibrant, cohesive spirituality. Same counseling, very different results. As he developed the four stages, he realized Stage II folks progressed to Stage III even though it looked like a regression. And Stage III’ers were progressing to Stage IV.

One way he describes Stage IV is that as you analyze and question, eventually you may start realizing that you’ve taken the shards of the Stage II myths and beliefs you smashed in Stage III and made a collage. Interestingly, that collage looks quite a bit like Stage II but it’s deeper, more beautiful.

I’m interested in becoming a Stage IV church in Waterville.

Marc A. Pitman

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