One Night With the King

Wow. This looks like an incredible movie about Esther. (I’ve yet to dislike a movie with Peter O’Toole!)

Check out the preview at:

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Craig Simonian

    Craig Simonian and Mark Fields offer four thumbs down on the One Night with the King. Believe me, I would have preferred one longer night sleeping on my king mattress than the wasting the two hours and twelve dollars watching this butchered version of the Esther story. The horrible acting, terrible screenplay, and the frightfully disjointed script may have qualified it for a single 3am showing on the Lifetime Channel… but not the big screen.

    What is most amazing, however, is how this “Christian” adaptation looses the heart and passion of this empassioned Biblical story… adding elements that detract rather than add to the most important parts of the story.

    And, if you’re going in order to experience what will likely be the last reunion of Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif, then you will be even more disappointed… as their scenes are separated by centuries of history… never sharing a scene together. Truth is, their acting was too good for most of the cast anyway… making it appear as though laurence Olivier was sharing the screen with PeeWee Herman.

    Didn’t Ghandi say something along the lines of “I would have become a Christian if it were not for the bad movies Christians make?”

  2. Jason

    So, not to downplay your excitement, but I saw this movie last week and I wasn’t impressed. I WANTED to be impressed, so it’s not like I’m cynical. Unfortunately, it was just too cheesy for me. There are a a couple of bad CG effects that are front and center, too much focus on eunics (ouch!) and melodramatic writing. All in all, if you’re determined to see it, wait for video.

    Grace & Peace

  3. Renee

    Agreed! We’re going to see this on Halloween with the kids.

  4. Marc

    Thanks Craig and Jason. Stinks that people can take the best stories and butcher them.

    Stinks even more that they still sell well.

    And yet more still that I’ll probably go to the theater and watch it if it comes up our way.

    Too bad Speilberg didn’t do this! Coulda called it “Esther’s List”?

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