Is it the gray hair?



Check out what came in the mail today!

Is it the gray hair? Is it that I’m a pastor?

I know that at 34 years old I don’t get included in “young people’s” stuff anymore, but this is a bit extreme, don’t you think?


Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Rich

    ‘The most they will do is throw AARP cards at you, but you’re always a young friend to me..’

    hum to the Billy Joel tune “Always a Woman to Me”


  2. Dan

    Sorry to leave a random comment from a random stranger well after the fact, but AARP cards sent early may be a not uncommon event judging from the number of people blogging about it. It happened to me shortly before my recent 34th birthday and today I was teased about gray hair at work.

  3. Marc

    Random-ness is fine, Dan!

    I just heard that AARP is owned by one guy. Looks like he oughta get a better mailing house!

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