I don’t remember reading this in Sjogren…

We decided to do a bit of Servant Evangelism last week. I love Sjogren’s assertion that most of our US culture has been told about Jesus. But very, very few have actually seen Christians being kind with no strings attached. So one Saturday morning, we handed out around 30 pumpkins to the people in the neighborhood of the church. It’s mostly residential, but there are a few business establishments at the end of the street.

Our worship leader and her son went into “Are You Ready To Party??” and did the pumpkin delivery perfectly. Something like, “Hi, we’re from the Vineyard Church down the street. We’re doing a community service project giving away pumpkins. We’re doing it as a practical way to show God’s love. Would you like one?”

The store folks were thrilled and displayed it prominently on the counter that everyone sees upon entering the store.

Not exactly where I would’ve put it. Looks like something ugly out of Raiders of the Lost Ark, doesn’t it?

And check out the card, propped up against the pumpkin.

Who knows who will be blessed. I bet some people will even be praying for us to have new life! *grin*








Here’s a copy of the card:








Never a dull moment in a church plant in Waterville, ME!!

Huh, I wonder if this is why I got the AARP card a week later…someone might have thought that was the pastor.

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Lisa

    Marc –
    What a cool pastor you are.
    Unfortunately 3 hours is just a little too long to commute for Sunday church. 🙁


  2. Marc


    Thanks. Your kindness almost takes away the sting of receiving an AARP card. 🙂

  3. Rich

    That skelaton dude needs to sit in on one of our post-sermon bagel fests!!!

  4. Jason

    Interestingly enough – in addition to being a New England Vineyarder, I also attended Sjogren’s church in Cincinnati when I lived there for a few years. I really like their model, and I’m seeking to replicate it in Connecticut – with admittedly limited success. =-)

    One of Cincinnati’s plant churches (called NorthStar Vineyard) has a great, simple motto: Grow. Love. Live.

    That says a lot to me.

    Grace & Peace

  5. Marc

    Thanks Jason!

    I love the simplicity of the motto. And that Grow is first.

    May we never stop growing!

  6. Brian Rogers

    Northstar’s mission statement is GO, Love, Live…

    Go to the missing (those missing from God’s story)
    Love the marginalized (not those that are marginal, but those that the world marginalizes)
    Live as God’s kids



  7. Marc

    Thanks Brian!!

    Good on you for getting the domain too! 🙂

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