Sabbath Revisited

In talking with my wife recently, I had insights into what I was trying to say in my post “Is a day off a bastard Sabbath”?

She said it’s all about trust. That’s so true. I don’t have to trust God in a day off. I just take it. But in a Sabbath, I don’t do any “work”–I try to keep from checking email, reading “work-related” books, etc. That takes trust.

I need to trust that God will do the work He’s called me to do.

I need to trust that He will guard my reputation if people are upset for my lack of immediate response.

I need to trust.

As Mark Batterson says, a Sabboath is like a tithe. I trust that God can do more with my 90% than I can do with my 100%. So to, I need to trust that God can do more with my 6 days than I can with my 7.

It’s all about trust.

Reminds me of a post I did a couple years ago about meekness. That’s about trust too.

Marc A. Pitman

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