Livin’ Large in 2007

We just started a new sermon series at VCW called Livin’ Large. (Link to the Livin’ Large mp3 here.)

I firmly believe we’re missing out on all God has to offer us. And I believe He wants so much “more than we can ask or imagine.” (Yep, that’s Eph 3:20 if it looks familiar. 😉 )

Reading Steve Sjogren’s new blog, I had an ephiphany like experience. One of his suggestions to make 2007 an incredible year was:

Pray for a breakthrough in your spiritual life. Where there is no discontent with the status quo there is no growth, no advances personally, no momentum built. It all starts with a “holy discontent.”

Asking a loving Father to give us what He already wants us to have? What a great idea! Thais definitely going on the “2007 To Do” list!

Marc A. Pitman

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