Super Dish party?

Rich Gouette pointed me to this article about an IN Church that got an overnight cease & desist letter from the NFL.

Did you know there’s a law saying you can’t show the game on a screen bigger than 55″?!

The NFL also took offence to the church’s using trademarked terms like “Super Bowl.”

Don’t they have something better to do with their time?

I guess I’ll call my personal, at-home, party that the church is invited to a Super Dish party. Or Super Casserole. has some other terms for bowl:

basin, boat, casserole, crock, deep dish, dish, jar, pitcher, plate, pot, saucer, tureen, urn, vessel


bay, bowl, concavity, depression, dip, ewer, gulf, hole, hollow, lagoon, pan, pool, pot, sag, sink, sinkage, sinkhole, tub, valley, vessel, watershed .

I kind of like the sound of a “Super Dip” party.

French onion anyone?

Marc A. Pitman

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