Symantec Customer Service a fore taste of hell?

I got a great new HP iPaq hw6945. I really like it. Finally my cell phone is attached to my contact file.

In order to connect to the web and still use this for work at the hospital, I need to install Symantec Antivirus for Handhelds. No big deal right?


I installed it with the ever patient IS guy watching. It didn’t work.

I found the error on the Symantec site and the solution to the error. Here’s a screen shot:
Click for larger view

I have version 3.0 and simply need version 3.5.

I’ve spent virtually a third of the last 28 hours on the phone with India being bounced between customer service and tech support being told “not a problem” and that I need to talk to the other side.

  • Vinjoy,
  • Constance,
  • someone else,
  • Scott,
  • Ali,
  • John,
  • Ashley, and
  • Sunish.

I’ve even been sold the “right” version twice.

Both times it was the same 3.0 version that was wrong in the first place.

Is this what hell might be like?

[Update: I’m now talking to Jenny in Oregon. She’s being incredibly helpful. She’s even mentioned another way to get this…possibly…uh-oh. Gotta go.]

[Update to the update: JENNY’S MY HERO!! (She told me so. *grin*) But she is. I have a version that is working on my PDA and I’m ecstatic. Overjoyed. Stinkin’ psyched.]

Wonder if I could devise a way to call problem solvers like Jenny directly without all the middle-people…

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Rich

    and how do we like our Indian tech support?

  2. Marc

    Nice people. I wish they could’ve given me some masala dossa for all the time I spent on hold!

  3. Lukas

    couldn’t wait for the iPhone eh?

  4. Marc

    Nope…I needed it NOW. 🙂

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