4 Cups of Wine

This great reminder comes from Keren Pryor’s “Taste of Torah” on January 20, 2007’s Torah portions “Va’era” or “And I Appeared”:

Through the process of the plagues God progressively demonstrates His power as Creator over water and land, over animals and people, and over life and death. Ultimately Pharaoh himself, although unwillingly, will also bow to His Name.

The four expressions in chapter 6, verses 6-7, represent the progressive stages of redemption from Egypt and provide the basis for the four cups of wine at the Passover Seder.

  1. Ve’hotzati – “I will bring you out.”

    God Himself will do it. The role of the people is one of obedience in following His guidance. We need to hear and to obey His voice; God does the rest.

  2. Ve’hitzalti – “I will rescue you.”

    The Hebrew verb hitzil implies rescue from an impending danger. He is our protection and strength in times of trouble.

  3. Ve’ga’alti – “I will redeem you.”

    Ga’al denotes redemption from an existing destructive process. The go’el, redeemer, steps in on behalf of an indebted or enslaved kinsman to pay the ransom and to gain his release. This role of Kinsman Redeemer is perfectly filled by Yeshua our Messiah.

  4. Ve’lakachti – “I will take you to Myself as a people.”

    This is the first statement of Israel’s destiny as a people set apart unto God. Their existence is founded upon Him and their destiny inextricably bound up with Him. Israel is His, forever. Through God’s Son, our Savior Redeemer, the way is provided to leave the bondage of the world, with its unloving, “unhearing,” unresponsive gods.

    In Yeshua, the door is open in loving welcome. All peoples can freely enter the Father’s house and, as His sons and His daughters, gain the fullness of freedom He always intended.

Incredible isn’t it? Just think Jesus lifted the third cup and said, “This is my blood.” Can you imagine participating in this meal year after year, annually remembering God’s faithfulness and redemption, and then have your Master say that?!

Marc A. Pitman

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