Bombadil’s done!

It hasn’t been two weeks yet but I couldn’t wait: I had my first Bombadil today.

I like! (Sofia opted to stick with her apple juice!)

Before I took my first sip, Caleb looked at it and said, “Dad, you won’t ever have to buy beer again! [pause] Unless this doesn’t taste any good…”

Fortunately it’s good!

Awards speech: I want to thank my wife, my family, Kennebec Home Brew, Pura Vida Coffee, and Guinness for helping make Bombadil Stout possible. 🙂

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Rich

    Well, thanks ol boy for the 2 bottles of yer elixer!

    I know you like feedback, so here goes.

    I poured & liked the nice little head it produced.
    The sniff test was particularly interesting, because it so obviously
    was stout: and yet there was a certain ‘something’ difficult to place that really
    kept me thinking ah hah! that must be the java part of the equation.
    It was really a good smelling brew.

    It was harsher going down than I had expected: though in fairness,
    I didn’t know what family this would fall into in the realm of stouts.
    It was on par easily with the Guinness XX stout, in it’s toughness and perhaps even
    surpassing in what I can only describe as ‘grit’.
    The hard carbonation-like effect that sets XX stout apart from regular stout.
    A term I suppose, not meant as derogatory, but rather as relating to texture.

    So, for the first run through, a pretty good product I’d say.

    What’s next?!

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