Hampton Inn Story

We stayed at the Hampton Inn Cumberland while we were in Atlanta last week. The service was awful. Amazingly awful. Web and print media said there was a shuttle for guests, the woman at the desk said there was no such thing. And seemed annoyed that we were even staying at the hotel.

I knew they offered a 100% guarantee but why would I waste my time claiming it when I’d had such poor service already?

When the Hampton Inn sent me a customer service survey last Friday afternoon, I told all. Detailed how bad the service was, when it was delivered, etc. The generic “thank you for filling out the survey” and “your opinion matters” screens told me that nothing would change. But at least I’d been able to vent and went home to a very peaceful Sabbath.

But I was wrong. The manager of that Hampton Inn just called me. She had a wonderful talk with me, apologized for the service, said that was unacceptable at her hotel, and bent over backwards to make sure I’d come back if ever in the Atlanta area.

She’s refunding for a night’s stay. I’m not sure how a 1 night refund equals 100% satisfaction for a 2 night stay, but the conference organizers paid for my stay anyway, so 1 night free is a bonus for them. And she said she’d send me a gift too.

I’m amazed at the responsiveness of her phone call. And that she wasn’t trying to fight with me.

This one phone call works well for the entire brand. I’m sure I’ll choose a Hampton Inn next time I’m traveling.

[3/30/2007 Update: No refund ever appeared on the card and no gifts in the mail. I just called about the refund of a night and the asst. manager is really sorry and is refunding both nights. I’m not holding my breath.]

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. rebecca

    I work for a hampton inn and suites in lake george ny. I am personal upset with the experiance you had. I love that after realizeing your situation the manager there did her best for you. I hope you come see us some day. We would love to have you.

    Rebecca Executive housekeeper
    Lake george NY

  2. rebecca

    personally oops
    really need spell checker.

  3. Marc

    Thanks Rebecca!

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