Live first, work second

Doing some research for a local group called KV Connect, I’m re-acquainting myself with my Gen X generation.

I sure like us.

Reading a report on The Business Case for having a Young Professionals organization, I came across this:

Next Generation Consulting’s research indicates that:

  • Adulthood has been pushed back for young talent. The average age of a first marriage for an educated Gen X’er (b. 1961-1981) is currently 28. By the time young talent consider “settling down” in the U.S. cities region, they are in their late twenties and early 30’s.
  • Three out of 4 young people under the age of 28 first pick a place to live and then find a job. What can the U.S. cities region do to position itself as one of the “best places to live” for young talent?
  • When asked what makes a community attractive, young talent report that factors like “Third Spaces,” the arts, culture, ethnic restaurants, public parks, trails, and recreation areas, farmer’s markets; diversity, and recycling are critical factors.
  • Young talent behave regionally. In focus groups, young talent routinely report that some of the best assets a community has lie outside the community in which they live.

I bet it’s odd for our parents and grandparents to think that we’d choose where to live first, then where to work! But I’m definitely seeing that thought process in our process of planting a church.

Now to just get jobs and ideas that will provide an income to allow people to stay in the Waterville region!

Marc A. Pitman

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