Marriage Maintenance

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With a flat tire, new windshield wipers, a new headlight, and a full tank of gas…I’ve been investing my car a bit this week.

It’s caused me to think about how important investing in my marriage is. Growing up, preventative car maintenance was a foregone conclusion. In our house, you simply changed the oil every 3,000 miles, you rotated the tires, you never let the gas tank get below 1/2 full. (Well…you brought it to the mechanic do the oil and tires. 🙂 ) It’s like brushing teeth, you simply did it.

I like to think I’m helping my kids add to that legacy by making it just normal that my wife and I are going to this weekend’s Marriage Encounter in Portland. We did our first marriage encounter a couple years ago but for me, this seems like an every-3,000-miles sort of event.

Marc A. Pitman

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