Gen X slammed again

I should be used to surveys like the generations one by the Scripps Howard News Service. Once again Gen Xers are being told we’re selfish and lazy. Pretty ironic.

In books like 13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail? and The Fourth Turning, Neil Howe and William Strauss foretold this would happen. Fortunately, it happened to generations like those that produced heroes the likes of George Washington. Ours is a scrappy, no-nonsense, get-it-done generation that chooses to value life over work. I like those values.

Here’s an interesting comment from the Scripps article:

“The other generations went through sacrifices. The boomers went through the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement,” said Hodge. “But a lot of people see Generation X as semi-spoiled. They’ve had everything handed to them. So they are experiencing this kind of push back.”

What amazes me is that, in addition to being a generation of latch key kids and relative material affluence, we are also having incredibly awful things “handed to” us.

Boomers had free sex. Xers have Aids.
Boomers had drugs. Xers have opiate addictions.
Boomers had great belief in government and entitlement programs. Xers are handed the incredibly crushing debt.

Ok. I’ve vented. I’m talking generalities, broad generational cohorts, not individual people. But I am amazed that I’m still amazed that Xers contributions to technology, social justice, and society still aren’t being realized.

But I’m glad we’re in the company of other slackers like John Adams, Thomas Paine, and Patrick Henry!

[Update 3/5: Over the weekend, I found myself wondering if this post sounds “semi-spoiled.” Does this qualify as a Catch-22?]

Marc A. Pitman

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