I said what?!

Yesterday in my sermon, I said “half-asked” twice.

I got home to have the two adults tell me I said “half-assed”! Oy! I didn’t even know that term existed! They swore that “half-asked” wasn’t a term.

Thank God for Google. Evidently my term is a term but a softening of half-assed. Who’d have thunk it?

At the Eggcorn Forum it says:

A half-assed effort is one that is unplanned, incompetent, or ambivalently undertaken. ‘Half-asked’ nicely expresses the similar idea of partial or indifferent motivation.

What is half-assed any way? One cheek?

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. lukas

    dude…half-asked is what people say who overheard someone else saying it and misunderstood. it doesn’t exist.

  2. Marc

    C’mon! It’s gotta exist!

    (Although I feel like my pocket protector is showing!)

  3. spring

    Dude, you SOOOO said “half-ass.” It knocked me off my seat when I heard it. 😉

  4. Janice

    I only heard it once.


  5. lukas

    next week try and fit in “bass ackward”

  6. lisa

    never heard of half-asked. that’s weird.
    and half-assed is funny.
    i don’t think it’s just one cheek though – i think a half-ass is what someone sees when ones pants won’t stay up where they belong.
    and you might say “gee – mr. saggypants did a half-assed job of getting dressed this morning.”


  7. Marc

    Lisa: so half-assed is like “half-mast”?

    Rich: What a stinkin’ riot! You certainly didn’t do a half-assed job on that audio engineering! 🙂 Who knew I could speak Arabic backward?

    Luke: I’ve heard that some were more amazed that I said “sex” just before the alleged “half-assed”!

    Come to VCW. You never know WHAT will be said! 😉

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