Goin’ Green

I’m not a big Walmart fan although I am a frequent customer.

But I’m really liking their Green campaign. If their 180 million customers each switched to greener products, it does make a huge difference.

Check out this fact sheet on compact flourescent bulbs.

I even heard a report on NPR that Walmart is committed to converting its truck fleet to biodiesel. When you operate the biggest fleet in the country (and world!), you have clout. This should spur lots of changes in that industry.

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Damien Tougas

    Great… if Wal-Mart creates a high demand for biodiesel, there will be only one solution… encourage people to eat more fried food 😉

  2. Marc

    I KNEW there had to be something redeeming about fried clams!!! 🙂

  3. rich

    In my true fashion, I’ve dug up this that relates to the biofuel discussion.

    Though lengthy & packed with all sorts of data, it bear at least a thorough skimming to provide some balance to the topic of biofuels.

    I’m far from knowing much about it, but I’m slowly learning that what often appears like the “right thing to do” based on so & so’s literature/findings, isn’t always necessarily the truth.

    Not saying this biofuel is a sham, and I’m not slighting Marc at all but I think any rational person who wants to get to the bottom of sustainability & technology, etc ought to do a good deal of research before hopping onboard any of the related green trains.

    I’m all for technology that makes the earth less polluted & autos more efficient, for the record.

    I think we’ll find out over time whether or not what I found is the truth or not.
    seems unavoidable that it’s either true, or it isn’t .
    My .02

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