Order of the Phoenix

We saw this Tuesday night at midnight (or is that Wednesday morning at midnight?).

I love this series.

Couple take aways:

  • Luna points out to Harry that Voldemort would wants Harry to feel like he was alone, all by himself, isolated. That would make him easier to defeat.

    It’s the same in real life. The enemy would love us to get so hurt by the Church that we isolate ourself and be easy pickings.

  • Harry realizes Voldemort doesn’t know love or friendship. That’s his weakness.

    Again, we need to band together as we join God in advancing the Kingdom.

  • At the end, Harry boldly says “We have something worth fighting for.”

    So do we. Each of us.

Last night at kinship, we talked about what we’d die for. Interesting. Everyone mentioned relationships, people.

Nothing about money. Or jobs. Or hobbies.

Or church activities.

Only each other.

And I agree, that’s worth fighting for.

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. jon

    1. yes. relationship, relationship, relationship.
    2. Stony Brook? Is that where Bruce Lockerbie was? In my higher education phase of life, I read some of his work on liberal education, the breadth of learning.

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