Free in the Spirit

Mark Batterson has an AWESOME blot post about a distraction in the church service.

Being a church that’s open to the Spirit, we run this risk every Sunday. I often have said, if you’re going to dance, please feel free to do that in the back. Oddly, that offended one person. Claimed I was quenching the Spirit.

Fortunately, he got over it and stayed for a couple years. I bet he still considers the Vineyard Church of Waterville as “his” church.

I like Mark’s comment on thinking of the group of people, the flock. It’s very different being in the “captain’s chair” (as my sending pastor calls it)!

Preaching through Acts, these kind of interpersonal encounters are central to this Kingdom life.

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. CactusFreek

    Worships needs life to it. It’s great to see people with a passion. We have a few people in our church who sing the songs, but they don’t move a muscle other than their mouths. I’m not one to jump around, but i sway to the music and kinda dance on the spot. I just don’t understand how someone can sing songs of praise to God, and not feel the need to move.
    Where that offended guy is concerned. We offend people no matter what we do :o)

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