God isn’t safe

Yet again, Ben Arment blogs on something I preached on yesterday. Hhmm…wonder if he gets the VCW sermon podcast!! 🙂

Check out this blog post: the problem with putting God first…

Here (sic) me out on this… I’ve heard many well-intended believers cite the creed of priorities: God first, family second, and ministry third. But the problem with putting God first is that we refuse to put anything dangerous or inconvenient in his category. We take much of what God calls us to do and lump it in the category of ministry so that we don’t have to actually do it. Quiet times, sure, that goes in God’s box; that’s safe and fits well with our schedules. But too bad if something stretches our faith or makes us feel unsafe… or interrupts our family. [I think we’d be surpised to see how receptive our spouses would be to God’s direction if we’d only ask them.] God is good, as CS Lewis said, but he isn’t safe. And if God is truly first in our lives, then we should be living the danger to prove it.

Marc A. Pitman

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