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I’m a bit behind on the blogging!

This week’s readings focus on the “you” part of the fountain: your relationship with God.

I love their comments on the movie Harvey.

I particularly liked their description of a relationship with God. This is from page 59:

Fresh, unexpected thoughts will “pop” into your head. Steve [Sjogren] calls these “flutter-bys”–fleeting, almost imperceptible whispers of God’s will, small voice flickering through your head. You’ll perceive them as whispers, not shouts, so it’s easy to mistake them for your own thoughts. But as God continues honing your spiritual eyes and ears, you’ll begin to tell the difference.

Loving, generous whispers–the ones that stretch you to bo beyond what you would normally do–wil stand out from everyday, self-focused thinking. The more God tunes your spiritual senses through Bible reading, Christian mentors, and time spent in prayer, the more you’ll recognize the kinds of ideas that come from God and the kinds that don’t. (Here’s a clue: The condemning inner voices that call you a loser, tempt you to exploit others, or go against clear biblical teaching–those aren’t coming from God.)

This is good stuff!

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